Sometimes life plain, ol’ sucks. When this happens to me, I’m a bear. I’m grouchy, I growl, I wallow & whine. I’m not proud of it. I wish this wasn’t me. I’d rather be a more go-with-the-flow kind of person. I’d rather be a glass half-full person. I’d much rather not be a Debbie Downer for those around me. And, yet, when life sucks, I suck.

And then there’s this friend of ours. Please forgive me for being mysterious, but to keep this a surprise I have to be a little coy. This friend of ours is all the things I’m not. Our friend is wonderful, easy going, always willing to pitch in. A glass half-full person. A ray of sunshine. A give-someone-the-shirt-of-your-back person. And life sucks. So now we all want to give back, just a little, to this incredibly kind, loving, generous soul.

We’ve done what we do best. We’ve created. Designed. Drawn. Painted. We’ve created an absolutely stunning limited edition collection. I’m beyond proud to announce: Free as a Bird

If your wings are broken, you can borrow mine.

Free as a Bird is a very special collaboration about birds without cages flying free. It’s about friendship, cherishing those closest to you, being true to your self & reaching for the sky. All proceeds from this collection will benefit someone near & dear to us that needs a bit of help getting their creative freedom back (shhhh! it’s a surprise!). 

I took some time to play with this over the weekend. I cannot begin to tell you, or show you, how incredibly spectacular Free as a Bird is. I had everything I’ve ever wanted, right at my fingertips. This layout just flew together. It was a complete joy to work with.

I used Free as a Bird for all four layouts below. The only thing I changed, layout-to-layout, are the backgrounds. The papers in this are sublime! I also used one of my favorite templates by Heartstrings Scrap Art, from her Love of Autumn template collection.

The sheer size of this collection is awe-inspiring. I was like a little kid on Christmas unzipping & squealing over all the new pretties inside. I’m a huge fan of the flowers, birds and amazing art! I’m envisioning hours of happiness scrapping with this beauty.

It is huge, no question. We’ve done our best and divided it into two, smaller, affordable limited time special editions. You can also get the whole shebang in one fell swoop.

Limited Time Special Collection
Available 4 Sept – 4 Oct 2020

Free as a Bird Mega Bundle + FWP – Limited Time Special Collection
Free as a Bird Bundle No.1 – Limited Time Special Collection
Free as a Bird Bundle No.2 – Limited Time Special Collection

All the additional previews, click to enlarge: