The new Open Doors Coordinated Collection is making me dreamy. I love the uplifting theme of possibilities and bright futures. For this page, I decided to do a little digital door opening. I’ll show you how I used Affinity Photo for iPad’s Perspective filter to open a door in my layout. By the way, Photo is still on sale – 50% off!

Layout by Ann Morton using Lara’s Digi World Open Doors Bundle and Schwarzwald Designs Open Doors Wordart

I’ve included some short video snips throughout this post for visual reference.

I have an image already imported into a 12×12 document. First, I duplicated the image.

Duplicate Image

Using the Pen tool, I tapped to select the four corners of the door.

Pen Tool

I switched to the Node tool to clean up my rectangle shape.

Adjust corners with Node tool
Using Node tool to refine shape

Next, I switched back to the Pen tool and choose To Mask. This creates a clipping mask for the door.

Output to Mask from Pen Tool

I tapped on the Curve (rectangle shape) inside the Door layer. I switched to the Selections Persona and chose Selection from Layer then Invert Selection.

With the selection active (look for the marching ants) I tapped on the original layer, and tapped Mask Layer.

Mask Original Layer
Selection from Layer and Invert, Mask

I tapped on the blue door layer.

Quick Tip: Turn on the canvas grid to use as a guideline. Be sure to also tap the Show Grid button.

Show Canvas Grid

I opened the Filter tool, turned on Add Live Filters, and selected Perspective. Be sure Show Grid is on. I dragged two corner nodes inward diagonally to alter the perspective.

Using the Perspective Filter
Drag corners for Perspective
Using the Perspective Filter

You can double tap the Live Perspective filter layer to re-adjust any time. I added some shadows on the open door using the burn tool and brushes. I’m still editing…

The wordart, dragged onto the door layer, automatically inherits the perspective adjustment for that layer. Handy.

Hope this gives you some ideas for opening doors in your own pages.

I used Lara’s Digi World Open Doors Bundle and Schwarzwald Designs Open Doors Wordart for my layout.

Lara’s Digi World Open Doors Bundle
Open Doors Word Art by Schwarzwald Design

Happy scrapping!