I always love our coordinated collections. But this one? One World? It speaks to me. It reaches me all the way to my tippy toes, and the outer edges of my soul. This is what I need right now. This is what we all need.

I am for
One world undivided.
One world without fear and corruption.
One world ruled by Truth and Justice.

I am for
One peaceful world for all,
Where hate has been overcome by love,
And everyone is guided only
By their conscience.

~ Suzy Kassem

It has been a year. A strange, turbulent, emotional year. A year ago I was packing my bags for a trip to Norway. Just me & Tess, recently graduated from high school and on a gap year. A time to bond. To visit Alana and be her mom for parents weekend. To experience the quiet, peaceful beauty of Norway.

I fell in love with Norway on that trip. I already loved it from our trip in 2015, but this trip my love affair started. In the snow, with just me & Tess, driving the quiet highway between Oslo and Elverum, it was magical. Another land. Another world.

Norway oozes peacefulness. Kindness. Acceptance. I know it’s not perfect, but that weekend, for me, it was. I felt at peace. Happy. From the moment we drove up to Jeger’s house, our Airbnb for the trip, I felt home. Like I belonged. It was the last time I felt true peace, deep within my soul, since.

The holidays in a family of eight (10 with Declan & Lindsay) are always chaotic. A big trip to Japan, while incredible, is chaotic. And then. Coronavirus. The world went to hell in a handbasket.

It’s not just the virus. It’s everything. It’s overwhelming. Now all I want is to bring it back together. To find that peace I had in Norway. I started with a new coordinated collection idea for our Design Team. To create a vision of our world as One World. Through their hands, their eyes, their talent.

This week I took a little time to scrap and find my inner peace. I started with Norway. I started with one of my favorite memories. After a long day of “parenting” and presentations and meeting Alana’s teachers, we all gather outside her school. The most beautiful school in the world, the Elverum folkehøgskole. Everyone grabbed a hat, a fakkel (a torch) and we walked downtown, through the snow, to downtown Elverum to light the town Christmas tree.

It was a beautiful, surreal, joyous evening. I felt such a part of something big, and yet it was just a small group. We were all in harmony. Quiet. Respectful. Celebrating the coming Jul, or Christmas. I have one wish. I wish for the world to be as one as I felt that night in a tiny town in Norway. The way I felt when I scrapped my first page last night.

This page flew together. The One World coordinated collection is an absolute dream to scrap with. I used pieces from several Designers. I started with a fabulous template by Jen Maddocks Designs & Heartstrings Scrap Art: Template Mash No11.

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