Let’s have some fun with word art! More specifically, mixing word arts. Or mixing word bits/strips with word art and adding your own words.

Layout by Sandy Mauk- Open Doors from PapierStudio Silke

You can make your digital scrapbooking pages more attractive when you mix word arts or even mix word bits/strips with word art. Or even mix word strips with your own words. There’s a lot of options in the mix (pun intended!)

Layout by Elly van den Dungen – Open Doors from PapierStudio Silke

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to change, cut out part of an existing word strip and add shadow to the new piece.
  • Add the word LOVE using layer style.
  • Add hand-scripted personal words
  • Create a heart shape and add layer style.

Start Here
First, create a layout base. In my sample here, I opened the Always Template by PapierStudio here.

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This quick page is adjustable and perfect for my example. I added two personal pictures and clipped these to the mask and photo frame.

Now let’s change and mix the word-arts.

  • From the word strip “stay happy in troubling times” copy only the word “happy” by selecting it on this layer.
  • Go to Menu > Edit click copy and then click paste.
    (shortcuts = Ctrl + C; Ctrl + V)
  • Now hide the original word strip and change the place for the word “happy”.
  • Add a small shadow to the word strip “happy”:

Click on Layer Style (little fx icon) to add the following Drop Shadow to the word strip:

  • linear burn
  • opacity 34
  • angle 135
  • distance 5 – spread 0 – size 13

Delete “think positive” and add your own words. I added the word LOVE. The FONT is Arial. You choose the text color.
For the word LOVE add following styles:

  • 1-Stroke
  • Size 7 – Position Outside – Blend Mode Normal – Opacity 100%

2- Drop Shadow

  • Blend Mode Multiply
  • Opacity 79% (adjust as necessary)
  • Angle 135
  • Distance 8
  • Spread 0 –
  • Size 15.

Then I added personal words, using the script font Allura. You can choose any script font. The word Moments was set above the “happy” word strip.

Add a Heart Shape

In a new layer, create a shape using the Custom Shape tool. I added a heart. Choose a color. I used the color picker to select a color from my niece’s shirt. I did not add a stroke, set this in the upper menu bar with a red line through the white rectangle:

  • Choose the heart from the shape presets.
  • Drag and drop the cursor over your image.
  • This will create the shape.
  • Copy the same layer style from the word LOVE to the heart
    (right-click on the heart layer to copy the layer style and then right click on the heart layer and choose paste layer style).
  • Copy Layer Style from word LOVE:
  • Paste Layer Style for the heart shape:

Finally, I added the names to the heart.

Happy creations!