Introducing our March Designer of the Month: Nathalie of Thaliris Designs!

Join me & get to know Nath a little better in her own words. In her own photo’s.

Tell us a little more about yourself. Where did you grow up?

My name is Nathalie. I was born in Paris. I live in France 20 km south of Paris, with my husband (very homebody and a little boorish, haha) and my two daughters, students (very exuberant). We have 2 female cats: Vanille and Fripouille. All these little people, in an apartment. I am currently working in the design office of a town hall.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs? Is it in the world around you?

My inspiration often comes from very little things: a drawing, a painting, a poster, tags on a wall, a fabric, a park, a bouquet of flowers, a landscape, the changing colors of the seasons, the sunsets, my mood too … everything inspires me!

How did you find designing? Art?

When I was little, all my friends wanted to become a doctor, a teacher, a veterinarian … I wanted to be an archaeologist! As a teenager, I wanted to be a stylist, I drew a lot of models, my teachers pushed me in this direction … But it was interior design and architecture that took my heart! Art has always been part of my life, in one way or another. I was drawing beautiful It’s no wonder that creating for scrapbooking has become a passion.

What is your favorite thing to design?

I like all the phases of the design. Starting by finding the color palette that will go best with the idea of my new creation, until the layout of my preview. I love discovering the wonderful pages of my team. Once again thank you to my CT for their work and their talent because that’s when my creation takes on its meaning! I read in the interview with a previous designer of the month, that the part that he liked the least was the store. I agree with her … hihi

What do you like to scrap with the most when you scrap for yourself?

Well, I admit it … I don’t scrap much anymore. I mainly focus on creation. What looks the most like a page is the composition of my previews.
What I liked to do in my pages was the setting. I also liked to crop my photos to better integrate them into my compositions.
I also liked having the choice in the background papers, it is for this reason that there are so many in my creations.

What do you like to do besides designing?

Apart from the creation in digital scrabooking and my work? Share moments with my daughters, walks, exhibitions, trips. In general, I do it with one of my daughters because I want these moments to be privileged (They bicker too much!). The 3 moments that marked me the most are The brilliant Japanese exhibition, “Beyond the limits of TeamLab” with Crystal and my goddaughter.. 360 ° light shows, on the ceilings, the walls, the floor, on us, magical and unusual decorations! The trip to London with my daughter Crystal (the somewhat Crazy city dweller), a city so alive, a city that looks like her. Visits and shopping !!! The trip with my daughter Calypso (the curious), to Tunisia, discovery of a magnificent country. Friendly people and breathtaking landscapes! We would like to discover the whole world … but if we had to choose other destinations, immediately it would be Italy with Crystal, Egypt with Calypso … and Cuba for all 3!

But what I would like the most is to go to SCOTLAND! For those beautiful still wild landscapes and seeing historic places … Inspired by the next question … hihi

If you could be in a character in any movie, or any book, which character would you most like to be?

Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander! I devoured the novels and saw all the seasons of the series … I look forward to the continuation! She is a strong, tenacious and beautiful woman, who adapts to all situations, takes care of her loved ones and is married to a strong man, proud and so romantic! They really chose the actors in the series.

What world would you most like to live in?

In reality: In a house with large spaces, in the countryside or by the sea. Far from the big noisy, stressful and polluted cities. Ideally (but surely utopian): In a world where differences are accepted, where kindness and mutual aid are natural, a world where misery and hunger do not exist!

I hope that thanks to this interview, you know more about me, my life, my universe, my passions and my desires. Now I let you discover or rediscover my creations. I hope you’ll like them. Kisses

Nath’s entire store is on sale all of March for 40% Off! She has amazing Build Your Own Grab Bag Deals. And! Save an extra $4.00 OFF any $12 purchase! No coupon needed. This is generated automatically at checkout.

My favorite collection is without a doubt FOREST! For its tender colors, the calm it exudes. I have the impression of smelling the scents of the undergrowth just by looking at it. But I also like a lot: Christmas in wood, Copper spice, Into the wild, catch the wave, Candy cane lane, Americana and April. Take a peek at her favorite collections and layouts below:

Christmas in Wood
Copper Spice
Into the wild
catch the wave
catch the wave