I love creating Word Art!  Part of that love is deciding on the “perfect” font that I “need” to use for a particular word or phrase.  There have been times when I have spent more time previewing and sampling font styles, than I have spent in the creation of the word art itself.  That is, until I discovered a little trick that makes font previewing so much faster! And it’s super simple!  Here’s how!

When you select the Type Tool,  you are able to select your Font Style and Size in the Options bar.  You probably know that!

For this tip, type text on your document, and then highlight it. Click once in the Font Style box.  Next, by simply using your arrow Up or Down keys, you will be able to scroll thru the font names.  Your selected text will reflect whatever font style is currently active, giving you quick real-time previews of what you can expect your text to look like with any given font.

Alternatively, you may make the same choices in the Character Panel. It’s your choice!

Not sure how to get to the Character Panel?   Just click on “Window” in the top Options Bar.  In the Drop Down Box, click on “Character.”

That’s it! A simple tip that will save you lots of time!