Ok, I know Halloween is still a couple of weeks away, but, if you’re like me you like to make holidays fun  and last minute doesn’t always cut it! So, I have pulled together a few fun and easy Halloween treat ideas for you to shop for now so you’re ready to go when it’s Halloween o’clock!


Found at Eighteen25.com

I actually made these for my kids last year, and they loved them! Some plastic vampire teeth and eyeball sprinkles (or, white and black frosting) and you have an instant monster breakfast! This would be so fun to bring to the office!


Found at DanyaBanya.com

Do you pack a lunch for yourself or your kids? Maybe you keep a fruit bowl on the counter – get out a marker and add some spooky faces to your fruit for a fun snack! My kids would love helping draw faces or being surprised with one of these in their lunchbox!


Found at Cookies & Cups

Ok, these cupcakes look a little more complicated than the oranges, but how cute are these skeletons? If you’re throwing a party, this might just be a requirement on your dessert table!


Found at the Cake Blog

Maybe you need an easier, but equally awesome dessert for your event – this cake looks like it took forever, but, it’s simply Oreo cookies (in both regular and snack size) and M&M candies! It’s fabulously creepy and beautiful!

Do you have any fun Halloween food ideas? Remember, if you need to make any decorations or want to scrap any of your Halloween activities, you can shop our Halloween supplies by clicking here