Titles are a great way to jazz up any page. Think of it as a headline for your layout. Here are SIX fun, easy & creative ways to add a title to your next scrapbooking project.

  1. Alliteration have starting initials match! Examples:
    • Birthday Bash
    • Super Size
    • Perfect Pic

      A Fantastic Journey Aeronaut by Rainbow of Greys Designs

  2. Keep It Short one word titles are your friend. Examples:
    • FUN
    • SMILE
    • CUTE

      Queen by et designs

  3. Word Art let word art do the work for you. Examples:
    • Word Art from your stash;
    • Create your own Word Art

      Snowfall Memories by Neia Scraps

  4. Go Vertical there’s two ways to go vertical:
    • Flip your text left (or right)
    • Stack your letters

      Winterlude by Chere Kaye Designs

  5. Fun Fonts use a fun font. A swirly font. A script font. A calligraphic font. A typewriter font. The world is your oyster!

    In Harmony by J. Conlon and Sons & Manu Scraps

  6. Alphas Scrapbook designers frequently use their talents to create a matching alpha that is sure to jazz up any page!

    Festival of Lights by Aimee Harrison Designs

Save my handy-dandy infographic to quickly & easily remember these tricks every time you scrap a page!