Here at theStudio, we love to share tips, tricks, and tools to help you in your scrapbooking projects.  Today I want to share an amazing little application that I believe will save you loads of time and frustration.  It is a preset viewer named “Argus” by Tumasoft.   This application works with Windows and allows you to see thumbnails of what is included in your .asl (Styles), .pat (pattern), and .csh (shapes) files. Tumasoft is having a birthday celebration and is offering “Argus” right now for just $7!  (Click on the image below to be taken to the Tumasoft site.)

*Edit: A blog reader contacted me and said that Tumasoft also offers a Mac version of Argus. It doesn’t look like it is included in the birthday sale, but check it out of this applies to you.

This is how it works. Download and “run” the application.  Very clear and simple instructions are included. It will take you 5 minutes to get this setup and ready to go!

I cannot explain this application better than Tumasoft does, so here is what they have to say about it with a few inserts from me:

“I know you’ve been there before.”  You know you have the right style, pattern, or shape for the project you are working on, but don’t remember the name and can’t find it. “Time to search. Load a preset, look it over. Nope! Next. Nope, not there either.”  You know you have hundreds of files and don’t have the time or energy or desire to search through all of them. “With Argus, you’ll never hunt for the right file again.”  

Argus is a Windows-based application, (Compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10) so there is no software for you to have to open and operate alongside Photoshop. Argus is just “there.”

Normally, when looking for a Style, you would see the .asl file.  Not very helpful if you can’t remember exactly what the style looks like!


With Argus, you would be able to see all of the styles within that .asl file!  Amazing, don’t you think???

Looking for a shape?

Go from this, without Argus….

…. to this with Argus.

I found myself avoiding the use of my Pattern files, simply because I didn’t want to install them and then find out they weren’t what I was looking for. But not anymore!

Before Argus:


After Argus: 


So simply stated…… this is very helpful application that will make your workflow faster and less frustrating!  AND the birthday celebration sale price of $7…. well, that is just icing on the cake!

Special thanks to Sweetmade and Manu Scraps for allowing me to demonstrate Argus using their products.

Click on the images below to be taken to each product. I think you might even find some great sale prices on them!



Spring Time Pastel Plastic Styles by Sweetmade



Children 1 – Shapes and PNG by Sweetmade



See you at the Bridge Glitters by Manu Scraps


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