Using a sketch on your page is a great way to add an unique embellishment done by you! It’s not so hard to do this because you can do ANY, really, any drawing, sketch or simple scribble! For example a heart, a flower, any word… so many options!

Take a piece of paper (should be white) and sketch anything on it. I used a pencil and then I used a black line to retrace my lines. You can use a black pen and draw or sketch anything. Or make a scribble!

When you are ready, take a picture of this sketch (you can use your cellphone or iPhone). Share/Send it to your email (remember: set ORIGINAL SIZE) and save it to your images. Open this image in a new document in Photoshop. (I use Photoshop CC). And, in order to get a real white paper, I used the adjustment LEVELS. See below how:

Following the picture below, first choose on the bottom of the layer palette, the icon “create fill or adjustment layer”

Second > choose LEVELS and third > set the right white slider to the left until the hight black points get flat and also until your background look white. (see the yellow arrow). With the middle grey slider to the right put details back, if needed. You should have a Black and White image. Save it as .jpg.

Apply the adjustment layer (merge visible) and choose from menu > SELECT> color range. With the color picker click on a black area of your sketch. Set Fuzziness to 200.

Black lines with marching ants is active. Invert the selection(SELECTION> invert) and hit DELETE. This will clear the white area, keeping only the black sketched lines.
Note: If your background is locked, you have to convert the background into a layer first – double click on background.

Save it as PNG (with transparent background) and add it to your layout!

Kit: Bunny Bird from PapierStudio Silke.
Sketched elements: by Silke
Page Mask from Laitha
Font: CK Becky