So often, we get a great photo of that one little thing. A one-time wonder, a mini-moment. A short lived passion. These moments are worth remembering, but so often when it comes to these moments – a full kit or collection is too much. Enter: Mini Kits

Each designer has their own definition of mini kit, but in general these are a little smaller than a full kit and typically do not come with add-on packs. These kits are perfect for those photos or memories you only need to scrap a single page about.

I scrolled through our HUGE selection of mini kits, and let them help me remember some moments. Enjoy these little stories, mini kits to go with them and be inspired yourself!

We are not super outdoorsy people, but last summer, we camped in Granny’s backyard one night. I don’t need a huge kit to scrap the handful of photos, The Great Outdoors Mini would be perfect!

There are tons of non-major holidays throughout the year, my kids always like to check whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. I haven’t taken a picture of them watching, but this Groundhogs Day Mini would be fun to use to scrap that memory.

My youngest nephew made a huge mess eating some strawberries the last time he was at my house, there is a picture somewhere with them smooshed all over his face Strawberry Patch would get that photo scrapped!

There is a small amusement park not far from us, and one of the favorite attractions for my kids is a small city where the kids get to drive a car on real roads! Little Driver would be awesome for scrapping those photos!

This Man Cave mini kit has several fun elements that inspire me. We’ve played darts at breweries several times – I wouldn’t need a full kit to scrap that, but the colors and that dart board would make an adorable layout!

I keep a hummingbird feeder right outside my kitchen window, and love watching them! This adorable June Mini has the cutest little hummer I could use to tell that story!

These are just a sampling of our mini kits, there are hundreds, and for a couple more days they are all just $2 each!