Sometimes I have a photo I just love and there’s things (people) in the background I don’t love. I could take oodles of time and remove them. There are so many amazing tools these days to do just that. Or, I can use a quick & easy fix and use a mask.

Masks are some of my very favorite digital scrapbooking products. I love how they help my photo just blend into a page. I love how they can magic away parts of photo I don’t love. Today all I’m going to do is show you some of our masks in action. I want to scrap a photo of Dane from last year, taken in front of the Duomo di Milano.

I absolutely love his expression. I love all the birds. Of course I used our mega collection Free as a Bird to scrap this one! It is just perfect for this layout.

I started with one of Marzena’s, Sekada Designs, masks. Her masks are arty, creative and blend beautifullly on a page.

Sunshiney Day mask by Sekada Designs

I couldn’t quite fit Dane’s arms in this mask correctly. I think I need a wider mask. Since Dane should be the center of attention for this layout, I picked a more circular one by our talented Guest Designer Janece Suarez.

Meandering Home mask by Janece Suarez Designs

Dane’s arms are great! I don’t like how much the people in the background are still showing up. I grab one of Jen Maddocks Designs newest masks to see if it’s just a little more blendy.

Bricolage Monthly September 2020 photo mask by Jen Maddocks Designs

Jen’s mask blends perfectly on the page but Dane’s arms don’t quite fit. Instead I try a more rectangular by Manu Scraps.

Autumn Interlude mask by Manu Scraps

Manu’s is almost perfect for this photo, this page. I try one more. I am a big fan of Irina’s, PrelestnayP Designs, frame + mask combos. I think I have a winner!

Keep Your Memories mask (vol. 17) by PrelestnayaP Designs

I finish my layout with some of the fun elements in Free as a Bird and add the date (font = Another Typewriter). I’m happy & done!

finished with Free as a Bird

All the amazing products I used today. Note: All our Masks are on sale this week for 30% Off: