This is one of my quicker Quick Tip, and also one of my funnest Quick Tips! Grab your favorite paper, ephemera & hand-written font to follow along. I’m using the free LAD Mega: Peaches & Cream with a paper by Xuxper Designs & and ephemera by Manu Scraps. Both were given out as part of the Layout-a-Day free mini on April 9, 2022. However, any paper & ephemera will do.

I’m also using one of my favorite (free) hand-written fonts by Amanda & Kevin, Pea Sara, on their blog fonts for peas.

  1. This font does not look like my handwritting
  2. My handwriting is absolutely terrible
  3. fonts for peas turns your handwriting into a font
  4. I’m not doing it, see #2

Start with a background paper & drag in any ephemera.

Definition of ephemera

paper items (such as posters, broadsides, and tickets) that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles

Type in your journaling above the ephemera layer.

Change your font to anything at all, I’m going with a handwritten look and using Pea Sara. You can adjust your font as needed for size, spacing, etc.

If you are struggling to get your journaling on the ephemera due to odd-sized borders, simply apply a clipping mask & be done!

That’s it! Now layer away & finish your page.