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Featured Collection: CRYSTAL’S HEART [Collection] by Thaliris Designs

Thaliris Designs is the designer of our featured collection this week. It's a beautiful collection dedicated to her daughter called Crystal's Heart.

Featured Collection: July by Thaliris Designs

JULY A very important month in the United States and in France, especially on July 4 for the Americans and July 14 for the French !!! This kit, July Collection by Thaliris Designs does not speak of France. I hope this kit speaks to you ... Very good Independence day to all Americans!

Featured Collection: May by Thaliris Designs

After "In April, do not discover yourself by a thread", we have a saying which says: "In May, do what you please"!
We are talking about weather forecast and how to dress ...

In May, it is also Mother's Day.
This collection is soft and feminine, to celebrate all women and in particular mothers!
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Hold on and take good care of yourself and have some fun scrapping with May Collection by Thaliris Designs

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A Smile by Featured Designer Thaliris Designs

A smile The smile is sunbeam. I like to see the smile on the lips of people around me. And you? Immortalize the most beautiful smiles of your dear ones with this colorful and sweet collection A Smile by Thaliris Designs.  

HYGGE [Collection] by Featured Designer Thaliris Designs

Hard to explain and even harder to pronounce, the Danish word "hygge" (pronounced "hoo-gah") has exploded in popularity around the world. It translates roughly to "cosiness," but it means so much more than that. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Cosying up with a loved one for a movie – that’s hygge, too. And there's nothing more hygge than sitting around with friends and family, discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps hygge explains why the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. This is what the new Coordinated Collection is about and you can see it here in Thaliris Designs' portion of the Hygge Collection.

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