Manu Scraps

Into the Wild by Featured Designer Manu Scraps

Come with me on a trip to explore the natural diversity of the rain-forests of Central America. Meet typical wild animals like leopards, monkeys, hummingbirds and snakes. Enjoy the floral variety of orchids, lilies, palms and more and walk over the hanging bridges next to the waterfall. Let's run wild with this digital scrapbooking collection, Into the Wild by Manu Scraps,  in olive, gold, brown and hints of red that is perfect for scrapping your adventures in national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges - or just your child's jungle birthday party.

Unicorn Party by Featured Designer Manu Scraps

 Unicorn Party is a digital scrapbooking collection by Manu Scraps featuring cute unicorns. Because everyone loves unicorns, right? You're invited to join the magical birthday celebration! Scrap photos of your little party girls and more in turquoise, pink, purple and neutral black, white and crafty tan.  Add some of sparkling gold and glittery accents to make your memories unforgettable.

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