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Sicilia by Featured Designer Valentina’s Creations

What inspired me to make Sicilia collection by Valentina's Creations, was the deep love for my land. Here in Italy we always have a great summer season, especially where I live, in the extreme southern, Sicily. Our island is famous for its hot weather and beautiful colorful places. Our natural landscapes are simply breathtaking and everything is framed by an esotherical atmosphere coming from ancient sicilian traditions. Here you may taste the most exquisite sweets in the earth; in general our food is simply paradisiac.

My Special Christmas {Collection} by Valentina’s Creations

"My special Christmas" by Valentina's Creations is a colorful collection for your Christmas holiday projects! Very suitable for 365 project layouts, cards and traditional artworks. It is handrawn for the most, it has a very sketchy and minimal style. Enjoy.

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A Woman Like You By Valentina’s Creations

"A woman like you" by Valentina's Creations, is a very mixed and artistry collection that is a "mother-day-oriented" collection. It's not the typical dreamy collection, but it's a different approach, a little bit more artistry, closer to journal art, but with a subtle vintage taste.

Candilicious by Valentina’s Creations

"Candilicious" is a wonderful piece of art born by the collaboration of two amazing designers: Valentina's Creations and Boutique Cute Dolls (Raquel Barros); They teamed up on 2013 and gave to life one of the most beautiful collab ever. Unfortunately Raquel has retired from the digiscrap land but we can still admire her work in this amazing project.

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