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Featured Collection: Just Too Much by The Urban Fairy

Just Too Much by The Urban Fairy is all about the daily struggles we face, especially now. It is a way to vent out your pains and frustrations using a form of therapy; just for you and your own personal space. Let it out in a digi scrappy way and maybe lift your burden just a little.

In My Heart { Collection } by The Urban Fairy

Love comes in many forms; hugs, kisses, laughter, support, encouragement..even punishment when rules are broken by our very much loved children. We do our best for our loved ones with every day that comes, often times creating new and wonderful memories while doing so. You can scrap all those memories with In My Heart by The Urban Fairy.

Companions by Featured Designers The Urban Fairy and HeartStrings Scrap Art

‘Some angels choose fur instead of wings.’ Companions by The Urban Fairy and Heartstrings Scrap Art is a collection designed in celebration of our fur-ever friends that hold a special place in our hearts. With its neutral palette and pops of colour, it is perfect to scrap those special memories of your beloved pets and companions. The eclectic mix of elements and papers in this collection will appeal to traditional scrappers as well as those scrapping in a more artistic style.

Timeless by Featured Designer The Urban Fairy

We are always going at the pace 'life' sets for us, not daring to slow down least we fall behind everyone else. It's about time to forget that! Slow down, live the way that is best for you and forget the rest! These moments that make up our lives are timeless and precious, so enjoy them! Have fun scrapping these moments using Timeless by The Urban Fairy.  

Our True Love By Featured Designer The Urban Fairy

Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. It is expressed in a large variety of ways and can be felt the very core of our being. True love is hard to find and, as with everything in life, comes with ups and downs. It these tests and trials that help us understand one another and deepen our affections, creating a priceless true love. Be sure to check out the total Our True Love Collection by The Urban Fairy, it's on sale this week.  Save even bigger when you buy the bundle!!

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Help Yourself by Featured Designer The Urban Fairy

The first step to helping yourself is admitting you need help in the first place. Accepting that is not as easy one might think. Many people just aren’t ready to reach out to others for help, instead they keep it locked inside wearing fake smiles through the day. The Urban Fairy created the Help Yourself collection with that in mind hoping that using scrap for therapy would help someone, even just one person, accept that it is time for them to get help, it is time for them to stop feeling the way they are and remember what it’s like to be happy. Much love to all of you!

The Urban Fairy is having a Birthday Party!!!

The Urban Fairy is celebrating her birthday this week with 35% off in her store. Follow Your Heart is just one of the many beautiful kits/bundles that you can grab at a great price this week. Be sure to check her store out!!!

Ocean Memories by The Urban Fairy

The beach can bring many special moments that you never want to forget. Take those beautiful photos and save them forever. Enjoy the crashing waves and joy of all around, capture those moments and hold on to them forever in your own special way. Ocean Memories by The Urban Fairy can help you create your pages so that you have those moments to look back on when ever you want.

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She is the Flower by The Urban Fairy

Bold. Rich. Vibrant. SHE is the flower. A beauty above all other beauties, she is the flower that every garden longs to have. Elegance, grace, compassion, patience and so many more wonderful attributes to describe 'she'. The woman in your life that keeps you going, the sibling you look up to, the spouse you love with every fiber of your being, the partner you never knew you needed; 'she' is the flower in your garden of life.

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