Hello all! I’m back with a quick easy tip and a super fun free font! Sherika is one of those fonts you can’t pass it. It’s beautiful, fun & swirly. Everything I love in a font. I did not pass this up, and I’ve had some fun playing with it today. Now it’s your turn. Play along?

First, click on over to TheHungryJpeg and pick up Sherika. It’s free this week only, and there’s only 5 days left!

I’ve opened a fun paper from Zesty Designs to serve as my background today. This one was free in our LAD: Color event on July 14.

  • Click on the Horizontal Type Tool
  • Type any word

Adobe Elements uses the last font you used. I had used Konnect. What I want to use is Sherika.

  • Make sure Sherika is installed on your computer
  • Click on the Search and Select fonts box in the Type Editor
  • Start typing “Sherika” choose Sherika Regular

Skip this part if it doesn’t apply to you. My last text edit, I had set the Tracking at 50. This means my new font doesn’t touch nicely. I can fix it by setting my Tracking back to 0.

  • Click on Tracking
  • Type in 0
  • Then Click on the Styles icon on the bottom right


Click the teeny-tiny drop-down arrow on the Styles menu.

  • Choose Shiny Chrome
    note: any of the Wow Chrome styles will give a similar effect


We need to make some minor adjustments to get the gold look we want. That *I* want.

  • Click on the teeny-tiny gear icon on the top right above the Styles Palette
  • A pop-up box immediately appears

We are going to make two small changes and that’ll be all!

  • Turn off the Drop Shadow, you can turn it back on or adjust later
  • Click on the Color box next to Stroke
  • A pop-up box immediately appears
  • Choose a burnt yellow that looks like gold
  • I choose: #cB9e45
  • Click Ok
  • Click Ok

You are done! But. I love me some swashes aka, glyphs. Read: How to Glyph and A 2nd Way to Glyph for details, or keep following along.

  • Click on the Horizontal Type Tool again
  • Click anywhere in your Word Art. I clicked between the “S” and “u” of Summer
  • Select (click + drag, or Shift+click+left arrow) the first letter only
  • Click in the Search and Select fonts box
  • Type Sherika Swash Regular
  • Click the green arrow to accept your change

I repeated this process with my last letter as well. I felt my “S” was too small, so I went back in, selected it again, and made just the S bigger.

  • Click on the Horizontal Type Tool again
  • Click + drag to select just the S
  • Click in the Size box and input a bigger number
  • Original Size was: 132.68 pt
  • New Size is: 165 pt

I know some of you do not have Adobe Elements or Photoshop. You are welcome to download my free Summer Word Art created with Sherika.