Scrapbooking is my favorite way to preserve memories. I don’t scrap just for myself, but so that many years from now my loved ones will be able to look back and remember things they may have forgotten. When I scrap a page I want it to show not just the event or person that I’m scrapping about but what I FELT about the subject.

There are many ways to convey emotions on a page but I love using fonts! Finding just the right font can help the viewer understand the feelings associated with the memory.

Happy? Excited? Proud? Silly? Embarrassed? Heartbroken? There’s a font for it! It takes some experimenting, but when you find just the right font it adds something really special to your page.

Here are some examples of fonts used to convey different emotions.


And some gorgeous layout examples to inspire you.

Created by me using the Broken Hearts LAD 

Created using the Broken Hearts LAD

And some layouts by Sonja: 

Using Dear Fear

Made with Dear Fear

Made with Quiet Insanity:

Made with Dear Fear

Made with Quiet Insanity:

Made with Quiet Insanity 

When searching for fonts please remember to make sure they are easy to read, especially when journaling. Lots of small text in a swirly script font can be really hard to read so it’s best to use serif or simple handwriting fonts for your journaling and the bold, messy or decorative fonts for your titles and word art.

I hope you found this helpful and I look forward to seeing your pages.