Hi, Everyone!  Chere here with a video tutorial on how to create your own drop shadow styles and use them to create texture and dimension in your layouts.  It really makes a TON of difference when you use drop shadows on your pages; even a small shadow when for your photos or papers will make your page look realistic and add drama that will make your viewer look twice.

Knowing how to make your own layer styles, especially a simple drop shadow, will save you so much time and energy when it comes to making your layouts personal and just right.  Knowing three simple steps and saving your work so that you can just tweak things for the future will make your layouts stand out and add drama and flare to your storytelling.

Here’s a quick take of my page before and after adding the drop shadows:



Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about shadows or layer styles; they can be your best friends as you’re making your layouts your own!  I hope you find the tutorial helpful, and I can’t wait to see your pages using drops shadows.