Two weeks ago, we talked about How to quickly Locate a Photoshop Brush.  Faith A. left a comment asking,  “Do you know if there (is) a way to clear the brush options? I have so many brushes it only goes up to the “s” named ones. ”

I did a quick Google search of how many brushes you could load into Photoshop, and the answer I found was 500, but that answer was from 2007. It could and probably is a different number now. But my guess is that, no matter what that number is, the problem is the same.  If there are more brushes loaded than the maximum that Photoshop allows, it would make sense that they stop showing, and in Faith’s case, that would be at the ones beginning with the letter “s.”

Here is how to clear some of your brushes, using the Preset Manager.

Using Photoshop CC 2017:

  • In the top Menu Bar:  Edit > Presets > Preset Manager
  • Click on the brushes you would like to remove. If you want to remove a series, click on the first brush, hold down the Shift key, and click on the last brush in that series to select all of the brushes in between, then hit the Delete button. This does not delete the brushes from your computer. It just removes their availability in the Preset Manager. If you decide you want to use the brushes again, you will just reload them.

Photoshop Elements:  The instructions are the same; however, the path is:  Edit > Preset Manager.

For more information on the Preset Manager, type “preset manager” in the search box on the blog.  There are a few other tutorials on this great tool!

Thanks for your question, Faith. I appreciate all comments and questions. It’s how we learn.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:    Over the years, I have heard from many of you, telling me that you are spending too much time searching for a particular kit, paper, element or Photoshop tool.  As a result, I was inspired to create a course on how to organize all of your digi-supplies.    Many of you also love using the Drag-and-Drop feature available for Photoshop Elements 10-15 users. You are using my Droplets and have told me how quick and easy they are to use, as well as how much time you save scrapping.   And for these reasons, I created a course, teaching you how to CREATE your own Droplets.    I am passionate about learning and teaching and have found that I really enjoy the process of putting courses together.  But they take time. Lots of time. Time I need to find somewhere.

So I am resigning my position as Blog Tutorial Writer, and Toiny will be assuming my responsibilities in this area going forward. I know she has some great information to share with you, and I believe you will enjoy her teaching style. I am also resigning from my Design position at theStudio.  The Studio has been my home since 2011, so it’s been a very difficult decision; but for now, this is the right thing to do.

So where can you find me?  

You can find my personal products at SnickerdoodleDesigns and my commercial use products both at SnickerdoodleDesigns and SugarHillco.

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Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, questions, comments, and friendship!  I will see you around digiland, I am sure!