I have a shirt that says Coffee is my Spirit Animal! It cracks me up, because I love coffee but it’s not alive it doesn’t have any true personality traits that I could relate to. So, what animals do? Do I relate to the animals I consider my favorite or am I more in line with something else. All of these amazing layouts below were created using Spirit Animal products, and they are all linked to the full collection – but I don’t want to focus on the designer or the style today, I want to focus on the animals in the pages, find the traits that also describe you and find your Studio Spirit Animal!

Giraffe: Graceful, Sure-Footed, Looks Ahead (sees the big picture), Quiet
Cats: Patience, Curiosity, Independence, Connection with self
Wolf: Strong instincts, free (need for freedom), lack of trust in others
Butterfly: Transformed, playful (light), find the joy in everything
Llama: Strong, Perseverance, Pushy (maybe over confident or determined)
Owl: Intuition, Wisdom, Sees through the dark (or past the lies), strong decision maker
Turtle: Slow and determined, peaceful, adventure (home is always with you), wisdom
Deer: Peace and understanding, gentle and innocent, sensitive but strong
Birds: Ability to rise above, freedom, strength, harmony with others
Sloth: Enjoy life, careless, patient and relaxed

It’s interesting to see what characteristics fit you – for me, based on these suggestions I am a little bit sloth, a little bit owl an a little bit llama! Share which of these Spirit Animals speaks to you, or if it’s something else, share that too along with the characteristics that match! And be sure to check out our Spirit Animal products!