Hey! It’s Ann, back with a quick overview of one of Procreate 5X’s new adjustment tools — halftone. Before 5X, users could only apply an adjustment to an entire layer. Now, adjustments can be applied to selected spots on the canvas using Apple Pencil. For this layout, I used halftone for a subtle texture on the page.

First, I add the layers to my canvas then tap to activate the layer I want to work on.

Import layers, then tap to make active the layer you want the effect on

Next, I open the Adjustments menu, tap Halftone, and select Pencil.

Apply adjustments to the layer or using the Apple Pencil

Notice the Brush tool now has stars around it to let you know you’re in adjustments mode.

Choose a brush, then begin to paint on your canvas. You can choose 3 modes for Halftone – Full Color, Screen Print, or Newspaper. Slide left and right to increase/decrease the size of the effect.

Tap once on the canvas to apply the changes after you’ve painted. Or, you can Undo, Preview, Cancel, or Reset.

Apply adjustments with a single tap

I liked the darker Newspaper effect for this layout, combined with a soft, textured brush. As always, you can go a million ways with these effects. Experiment!

Halftone vs no halftone

Stay tuned for more tips for scrapping on the iPad.