Are you thinking of auditioning to be our Next Designer? But are you on the fence? The great unknown can be vast & scary. Any new venture is scary. That’s why we have introduced Mentors! All our Mentors are experienced, seasoned Designers. They have been in your shoes. They will be with you through the entire Design contest to hold your hand, offer advice and show you the ropes!

Wondering just who these gems are? Yesterday I introduced you to the entire ND2021 Mentor Line-up, today I will give you a closer look at ND2021 Mentor Bryony: Heartstrings Scrap Art.

Bryony started as a Creative Team (CT) member. Her layouts quickly wow’d not just other scrap artists, but also Designers and me! Bryony has a long love affair with art & design. That love showed in her layouts. She has a wonderful touch, especially with flowers & foliage. It is always easy to spot a Bryony page by the flowers.

I soon convinced her to join our team as a Template Designer. Her work has inspired countless scrappers to create beautiful, floral, layouts in her style. Heck, I love to scrap with Bryony’s templates!

Over time Bryony continued to develop her skills, and she added kits & collections to her repetoire. Kits & collections that pair seamlessly with her templates. I absolutely love having all the tools to create a perfect page at my fingertips. Bryony always delivers exactly what I need to scrap my pages.

Bryony is in an ideal place to mentor this year’s Next Designer contestants. She’s worked her way from CT to Designer and is in the unique position of knowing the ins & outs of every aspect of the design business. Toss in a kind, caring disposition with a wonderful sense of humor and Bryony is just who you want to guide you to success.

You can learn more about Bryony in my interview with her during her February Designer of the Month spot. Check out some of her Designs in her store here at the Studio. Just this week all of Heartstrings Scrap Art is on sale for 30% Off! Save an extra 20% off the following four bestsellers using coupon code: