Are you our Next Designer? Join our Next Designer 2021 competition and show us your chops. We are looking for you! This year is going to be a 5-week whirlwind of challenges & fun. This year we have Mentors to guide you every step of the way. Are you in?

On Monday I introduced you to the entire ND2021 Mentor Line-up, today I will give you a closer look at ND2021 Mentor Jen: Jen Maddocks Designs.

Jen joined us almost six years ago. At the time, for me, the art journaling scene was still very new & fascinating. I’m still fascinated LOL! And Jen was at the top of my favorite Designer list. I was in awe at her creations. I was even more in awe at creating with her creations. Art journaling pages practically scrap themselves. These is something innately satisfying about layering pieces of art in photoshop and having a whole other story pop up.

I am not alone in my love of art journaling. Nor am I alone in my love of Jen’s designs. Jen quickly rocketed to the top of everyone’s fave list, and has stayed there through the years. It seems everyone loves taking her unique pieces & creating their own unique pages. Especially this last year, it has been a wonderful stress relief to play with her designs and just let the creativity soothe my worried soul.

Just as her art calms me, Jen herself is a very calming influence. She is a wonderful source of strength and support when the chips have got me down. She always has a kind word, encouraging thoughts and a little wisdom to offer. Anyone who gets Jen as a mentor will be well-prepared for our Next Designer 2021 competition.

Jen was our December Designer of the Month, read my interview with her to get to know her a little better. Stop by her store at the Studio this week to save 30% Off! Or check out her amazing Anthology, Serendipity, for even bigger savings! Hurry! The sale on Serendipity ends on May 28th.