Hi, Elly here.

Today I will show you how to create a border template.

  • Open a new document 3600 x 3600 px, 300 dpi
  • Take the Rectangle Shape tool and draw a rectangle on the left side of your document
  • This creates a new layer

  • Click on the arrow from  the Pen Tool; and choose Add Anchor Point Tool

  • Add a few points to the right side of the rectangle.
  • I added 2 points, but you can add as many as you like. I kept it simple with 2 curves.

  • Click on the arrow of the Path Selection Tool; and
  • Choose Direct Selection Tool

NOTE: If you don’t see the anchor points, if they have disappeared, click on the edge of the rectangle. Now the anchor points are visible again.

  • Click and hold on the top anchor point you added.
  • Move that point to the left
  • You also can drag it up or down to get a bigger or smaller curve.

  • Move the other point to the right

Note: You can also move the original point to the right or the left.

Here I moved the bottom anchor point to the left. You can play with the points until you are satisfied with the result. For more curves, can add more anchor points. In that case, take the Pen Tool again, add a point and move it as you wish.

I left mine as it was before, without moving the bottom point.

Once you’re satisfied with it you can add a new rectangle. Use the same method to make curves or leave it as rectangle.

You can also duplicate the first curve and move to the left. Change the color so that you can see the difference. You can add one or more rectangles if you wish a border with 3 or more layers.

To add a cut-out decoration at the border.

Here comes the hard part for those who want a cut-out decoration at the border.
Take the Pen Tool and in the menu bar choose Path

Create a new layer and draw a path which is the same as the right edge of the bottom shape.
Set the first anchor point at the top a on the edgde of the shape. We will move the path later.

Follow the edge of the shape, set and hold the second anchor point a bit lower to the middle of the curve, drag a bit and you see appear to lines with points. Still hold and move up and down, left and right until you have about the same curve as the shape. You can edit the path later and moving the points when needed.

Add more anchor points to make your path to the bottom, how many points depends on how many curves you have.

As you can see, my path is not exactly following the curve. Now we are going to perfect the path.
Take the Direct Selection Tool again (white arrow).

Select one of the anchor points (not the first one) and adjust points and segments in the path to get the perfect path, you also can move the anchoir points up or down, left or right. Play this way with all points except for the top and bottom anchor points. You can see the segments from 2 anchor points. The one you selected and the one below. If you have more ancher point on your path you will see three of them. The one you selected and the one above and below. If you’re not used to use the Pen Tool it will be a challenge and take some time to get the path you want.

When you have the path as you wish, select the Path Selection Tool (black arrow)

Click anywhere on the path, hold shift and drag the path to the left

Now choose a brush that you want to use for the decoration. To keep it simple I used a Hard Round brush, but you can use the brush you like. Set the brush stroke. The size and spacing depends on the brush you have chosen. For my round brush with size 60 are these settings perfect.

Once you have the settings you can stroke the path.

Open your Paths panel: Menu Window/Paths

  • Make sure you’re on a new layer.
  • In the Paths panel click at the bottom on the second icon from the left (Stroke path with brush).

  • My result is perfect for me.

  • If you’re not satisfied with the result go a step back with Ctrl+Z, change the settings and try again.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the result, close the eye of the brush layer in the Layers Panel. Activate the bottom layer , Ctrl+click on the brush layer miniature to make the selection.
  • Inverse the selection with Ctrl+Shift+I or menu Select/Invers, add a layer mask to the layer which you want to decorate.

Your cut-out decoration is done. You can remove the layer with the brush stroke. Save the template as a  PSD or TIF file, so you can use it again.

All you have to do now is clip papers above the layers and make a cluster on the top to finish your border.

My finished border and layout, which I created with Copper Spice collections:

I used Copper Spice collections from the following designers:

Aimee Harrison,
Heartstrings Scrap Art
Jen Maddocks Designs
Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes
PattyB Scraps
Sekada Designs
Synergy Ink
Thaliris Designs

Not everyone has the Pen Tool available in their program, so I have a freebie border template.

Have fun and good luck!