Sometimes the chaos outside our homes is paralyzing. Sometimes that’s just me. This time it’s the entire world.  We are all in chaos. The war in Ukraine is the final drop in a bucket already overflowing. I, we, the Studio, feel an incredible pull to help the victims. The need for humanitarian aid is immense.

Ukraine is our neighbor. The border is a 10-12 hour drive from my home. A drive I can’t make, but many people around me are making. Drives to pick up people, drop off supplies, drives of support. The support I can do. I can help. My heart is with every person sharing their stories, opening their homes, opening their hearts. The incredible community we are experiencing here in Europe is heart-warming. There is hope for our future. Even in all this chaos.

I cannot ask my team, nor any of you, to join me in supporting my friends, neighbors or favorite game store. I can work with you all to help raise funds for a well-known, trusted, reputable charity. The International Committee of the Red Cross is raising funds to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. They are solely there for the people needing help. And there are so many people needing help.

On my Facebook feed there is a steady stream of heart-rending stories. Children sent across the border to safety without parents, moms with pregnant bellies & toddlers on their hips, elderly people displaced from their homes after 7-8-9 decades! Trains overfilled with refugees, and more left standing on platforms. There is also a steady stream of help. People filling cars with food, diapers & blankets. People driving up empty vans to bring back refugees to their own homes. I help where I can. I’ve reached out to friends & colleagues able to drive to the borders with help. I can do that.

I can also open up our store to help. Our Designers have linked some of their favorite products to a very special Help Ukraine category. Everything here is on sale for 40% Off. All proceeds raised in this special Help Ukraine category go directly to the International Committee of the Red Cross to help fund humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

In addition to donating their hard-earned sales, our Design Team has created a truly stunning limited-edition Mega Kit: The Road to Freedom Free with any $20 Purchase in our Help Ukraine category

The sunflower is not just Ukraine’s national flower, it’s become a symbol of resistance & solidarity for the Ukrainian people. I dove down a rabbit hole this afternoon to find out why & it’s because of a defiant Ukrainian woman… offering sunflower seeds to invading soldiers:

“Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here,” she said (from the BBC News)

Now sunflowers are taking social media by storm. Multiple outlets are urging all of us to adopt sunflowers on our social media as a symbol of solidarity. We’re doing our part at the Studio. Our mega kit, The Road to Freedom, has over 30 sunflower & sunflower elements to help you join in.

I’m not always the smoothest, or techiest, when it comes to technology. If you want to see the video of the “sunflower lady” perhaps it’s here below as part of my post. Or, you can click on this link to go the BBC YouTube Video.

My heart, all our hearts, are with the Ukrainian people. Our greatest wish is for peace, safety and a return to their homes and lives. May the road to freedom be bordered with sunflowers.