Oof! That took some doing. Normally by this time in a LAD (Layout-a-Day) I’ve whipped out a bunch of Quick Tips. Not this time! My Surface Pro updated to Windows 11 and try what I might, I couldn’t get my trusty ol’ Photoshop to run. But. Great news, I can get Photoshop Elements to run. So without further ado, my first Quick Tip Elements!

If you aren’t already playing along, please hop on over to our forum and join our LAD: Color already in progress. You can join in any day, every day you play you get a prize. It’s that fun. That easy.

This LAD is all about Color. And what would a colorful layout be, without a colorful butterfly? Not as colorful. Today we are going to add a colorful butterfly to our layout and add a light, distanced shadow to give a 3D-esque perspective.

I’m starting with a lovely paper from Jilbert’s bits of bytes (handed out as the July 7 prize) and a colorful butterfly from Zesty Designs (also from July 7).
note: You can still get the July 7 prize by participating in our make-up Sunday

I’ve dragged the butterfly into the paper file, creating a new Layer:

I want to zoom in on the butterfly to better see what I’m working. For me the easiest way is to click on the Zoom Tool in the top left corner.

  • Click on the Zoom Tool; then
  • Click on the Workspace (ie, butterfly to zoom in); or
  • Click on the new Zoom Menu below your Workspace to adjust

Now that I can see better, let’s add the drop shadow to the butterfly. Start by clicking on the Styles icon on the bottom right:

Your left-hand menu immediately changes to the Styles Menu. The default choice is Bevels.

  • Click on the tiny drop down arrow next to Bevels
  • Choose Drop Shadows

To start, pick the Drop Shadow closest to a butterfly shadow.

  • Click on a Drop Shadow of your choice

Once you have a Drop Shadow style applied, it’s time to customize it!

  • Click on the “settings” gear on the top right
  • A pop up box Style Settings will appear
  • You can click & drag to move the Style Settings box so it is not in your way

Try adjusting your Drop Shadow by using the sliders in the Style Settings box. My settings are:

  • Size = 87 px
  • Distance = 527 px
  • Opacity = 20%

Now it’s time to zoom back out (Zoom Tool) and adjust the butterfly size on your background.

  • Click on the Move Tool
  • Click on a corner
  • Drag to resize; or
  • Resize in the Transform Menu below your Workspace
  • Be sure to click the green arrow to accept changes

My smaller butterfly has a too far shadow. I can change this in my Style Setting, just like before.

  • Make sure you are on your butterfly Layer
  • Click on Styles
  • Click on the Settings gear
  • Adjust as needed
    note: you can also click & drag the shadow where you want it! Click on the butterfly & move your mouse. Watch your shadow change position.

There you have it! A colorful butterfly, perfectly shadow to look as if it could fly right off your paper. Give it a whirl?

We’d love to have you join our Layout-a-Day. Anyone & everyone is welcome.