I used elements from the free daily mini of the LAD: Highlights – 11 Jan 2024 by: Synanu Design, Aimee Harrison and Keep in Touch Designs. You can still get this mini free on a make-up Sunday this January. I’ve already added the files I’m working with into my Photo Bin in Photoshop Elements (2022 version), layered and dropshadowed my cluster. The only thing I want to add is a Starburst element. This one is free with the LAD: Highlights – 15 Jan 2024 challenge.

  • While on your top layer in the Layers palette
  • Click on the Photo Bin icon to open the Photo Bin

Assuming you’ve downloaded, unzipped & added the free Starburst element, drag it into the Workspace:

  • Make sure you are in your Active File
  • Click + Drag the Starburst element in

Photoshop Elements automatically centers the new layer. Use the Move Tool to reposition your Starburst:

  • Click on the Move Tool
  • Click on your Starburst in the Workspace
  • Drag your Starburst to a new position

Once your Starburst is in the right location you can rotate or resize as needed. I’m happy with the Starburst exactly as it is.

I really like the added sparkle the Starburst gives, so I’m going to Duplicate Layer to create an additional Starburst to my cluster.

  • Make sure you are on the Starburst layer in your Layers palette
  • Right Click and choose Duplicate Layer from the pop-up menu

I want to add sparkle to the jewel in the Queen’s crown:

  • Make sure you are on the new Duplicate Starburst
  • Click on the Move Tool to resize & reposition

Note that I’ve significantly reduced the size and changed the Angle of the Duplicate Starburst:

  • I resized the Starburst down to 32%
  • I changed the Angle to -31.47°

The new, much tinier, Starburst is harder to see. I’ve both zoomed in my view here and Duplicated the Starburst Layer on more time:

  • Zoom view to 50%
  • Right click to Duplicate Layer
    (make sure to finish rotate/resize before duplicating)

That’s it! If you’ve enjoyed this Starburst as much as I have, join in our LAD: Highlights every day to get a full set of Starbursts free!