Hello Scrappers! We are back with another LAD (Layout-a-Day) and I’m excited to dive deep into this one. This month we are going to explore feelings, deeper thoughts, darker themes both in topics and techniques. There will absolutely be room to create lighter mood pages! Remember, the bottomline here is always to scrap.

This LAD, even more than the last LAD there will be extra posts, techniques and freebies in our Members-only portion of the LADS. Please think about joining and becoming a member? Check out how to become a Member HERE! Need a little Sneak Peek of what to expect? Of course you do! I got you!

For those of you new to our LADs, here’s a little more info:

  • What is LAD: Quite simply it’s a layout-a-day challenge.
  • What makes it appointment scrappingA prize-a-day. A beautiful mini that will build one happy-making mega!
  • What does that mean?  That means everyone that posts a layout on day one, gets one prize & qualifies. Wash, rinse, and repeat every day. Only by playing daily will you get all the pieces to our LAD Mega + bonus prize!


  • Challenge Length = 3 weeks
  • Challenge Days = Monday to Friday each week
  • Sundays = make-up day
  • Daily Prize = one mini from the special event mega

There is no cost. Simply join our forum & login daily on weekdays to get the new prompts. Then post a brandnew layout, and get a brandnew mini. That’s it. That easy. That fun! For those of you that manage a layout every day this March, there’s a total of 15 prompts and mini’s, there’s another prize. A full-size word art pack from the one & only Aimee Harrison:

And there’s more. There is always more! As we explore this LADs deep, dark theme Chere, Chere Kay Designs, and I will be posting some Quick Tips and extra freebies to help you follow those prompts. And if that’s not enough, there is more!

For those of you wanting to learn more and earn more we have a LAD SUPERsized! This one does cost a little money, but it is well worth it. The Sneak Peek above shows the extra’s you will get. And right here, right  now, I’ll share the extra full-size bonus prize you can earn at the end of this LAD.

In addition to Aimee’s word-art pack, our LAD SUPERsized members get a full-sized Lightening pack from Manu Scraps, including PNG lightening bolts, a brush pack and a bonus paper!

Our first prompt is up. We are ready for you to join us! I’ll leave you with a couple of layouts from our Support Team members: