Hello scrapperoo’s!  We are back with another LAD (Layout-a-Day) and I’m so excited to kick it off. LAD: Big Moments is bold, colorful & filled with positivity. This is something we all need in our lives.

This LAD, and every LAD, there will be extra posts, techniques and freebies in our Members-only portion of the LADS. Please think about joining and becoming a member? Check out how to become a Member HERE! Need a little Sneak Peek of the extra’s to expect? Of course you do! I got you!

For those of you new to our LADs, here’s a little more info:

  • What is LAD: Quite simply it’s a layout-a-day challenge.
  • What makes it appointment scrappingA prize-a-day. A beautiful mini that will build one happy-making mega!
  • What does that mean?  That means everyone that posts a layout on day one, gets one prize & qualifies. Wash, rinse, and repeat every day. Only by playing daily will you get all the pieces to our LAD Mega + bonus prize!


  • Challenge Length = 3 weeks
  • Challenge Days = Monday to Friday each w
  • eek
  • Sundays = make-up day
  • Daily Prize = one mini from the special event mega

There is no cost. Simply join our forum & login daily on weekdays to get the new prompts. Then post a brandnew layout, and get a brandnew mini. That’s it. That easy. That fun! For those of you that manage a layout every day this May, there’s a total of 15 prompts and mini’s, there’s another prize. A full-size Balloon pack from the talented hands of ButterflyDsign:

For those with a SUPERsize membership, that play every day of course, there’s a second full-size, fantabulous, Big Moments pack waiting for you. Checkout these gorgeous Big Moments Wings by Mixed Media by Erin:

So. Just to review:

  • Free daily prompts
  • Free daily prizes
  • Free extra goodies
  • Free tips, tricks & tutorials
  • Free bonus prize for completing all 15 prompts

What’s stopping you? Come join us. Come scrap! Day 1, prompt 1, has just kicked off: LAD Big Moments: 13 May 2024