Hey there, it’s Ann. Follow along as I create this layout in Procreate on iPad. I’ll show you how I made a dark background, use stamps in a couple different ways, and add snow to the page. I posted a process video at the end if you’d like to watch a silent, abbreviated version.

I’m working with Karen Schultz’s Christmas Memories Collection.

Karen Schultz Christmas Memories

I also used a photo mask and frame from Prelestnaya P’s Keep Your Memories Creative Box 18 collection.

PrelestnayaP’s Keep Your Memories Creative Box #18

To create a dark background, I combined 3 backgrounds and blended them together with Linear Burn and Multiply modes. Karen has a great post on how blend modes work here.

Combining backgrounds with multiple blend modes

Quick Tip: Swipe right to select multiple layers, then pinch the (sequential) layers together to merge.

Merging selected layers

I wanted to use some stamp elements, but the black wouldn’t show up against the dark background. I inverted the color of one stamp from black to white from the layer’s pop-out menu.

Inverting a black stamp

For the other stamp, I added an Alpha Lock to the layer so I could paint within the bounds of the stamp and protect, i.e., not paint on, the alpha (transparent) channel.

I selected a red color by tapping and holding on canvas.

Selecting color from the canvas

I selected a brush that has color dynamics (the Disco brush in the built-in Vintage set), and painted the flower. Warning – this part is addictive!

Now I was ready to add snow. I used Procreate’s built in Driven Snow tool, painting snow on 3 layers, adjusting size and opacity for each.

Painting snowflakes
layout by Ann Morton using Karen Schultz’s Christmas Memories Collection

I created a short process video if you’d like to watch, below.

Procreate process video

The last mobile challenge of 2020 is posted in the forums, and the theme is Light. Come join in!