Flower wreaths are a lovely embellishment for our spring digital scrapbooking pages. Here you will learn how to create these beautiful wreath in Photoshop. Following steps we will see here:

  • Create a Round Circle filled with white
  • Adding Elements for the Wreath
  • Group from Layers
  • Duplicate and Rotate the Group
  • Wreath Maker Action
  • Tropical Wreath – Bonus

Start open a new document in Photoshop – 3600×3600 x 300dpi
Set Background to transparent.

– Create a Round Circle filled with white.

First select the Elliptical Marquee tool and hold down the Alt + Shift keys and drag a perfect round circle into your document. Make it big, like my sample above. And then, using the Paint Bucket Tool, fill it with white.


– Adding Elements for the Wreath

Choose 5 flowers and 2 or 3 greenery. Here I used the flowers from my kit/collection Inspired by Carmen Miranda.

Set all the flowers and greenery into 1 quarter of the circle. I used the 9 o’clock area.

Now add shadow to one element and then copy and paste (right click on the little fx icon in the layer panel) to all others.

My shadow settings are here below:

– Group from Layers

Select the flower and greenery layers (not the bottom circular layer)

Then go to Layer > Group Layers

– Duplicate and Rotate the Group

Right click on the Group Layer and choose Duplicate Group. Rename the copy to GROUP 2.

Then go to menu Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 degrees clockwise

Important: in order to always MOVE THE GROUP and not individual layers, you have to check “Group” in the tool options.

Move the group to the correct position around the circle.

Now select Group 1 and Group 2 (hold down the Shift key). Go to menu Layers> Duplicate Layers.

You will have 4 layers. Select the last two layers and Edit > Transform > Rotate 180 degrees.

Drag the duplicated layers into the correct place. Your wreath is ready. You can move the individual elements when you change again the GROUP back to layer.

My page with this wreath done with my Carmen Miranda kit and collection:

At the end of this post, you can download this wreath

– Wreath Maker Action

And I have good news for those who like these beautiful wreaths and don’t have much time to create them! Our dear designer Jill has a fabulous action for you to create a wreath in no time! My friend and creative girl Elly made a sample for you. Using this fabulous  Wreath Maker Action she created these wreaths (below):

Layout by Elly using Wreath Action Maker and  Spring with Me kit.

Layout by Elly using Wreath Action Maker and  Vanilla Sweetness kit.

Wreath Maker Action by Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes

– Tropical Quick Page – Bonus

this tropical quick page is a free gift for our readers! This was done with the beautiful kit and collection inspired by Carmen Miranda!



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