For those of you unfamiliar with our wonderful monthly Anthology program, now AnthologyFlex, a quick little introduction.  AnthologyFlex members receive one of our featured designers’ newest collection one month early. In addition you will receive exclusive bonus goodies including two add-on packs & a page template available only to AnthologyFlex members.  Members may choose between the Traditional bundle or the Artsy bundle, and may purchase any available add-on in any style. Scrap it YOUR way!

This month one of the exclusive bonus goodies in the Traditional bundle: Sweet Spring Days by TraceyB Creations is a fabulous Adjustable Cluster pack.

What exactly is an Adjustable Cluster pack? It is exactly what it says it is. Adjustable clusters. Usually clusters are made from existing elements (and occasionally papers) in a collection. They are flattened, PNG, files that you can place & move on your layouts. They can be big time savers for those of us looking to scrap quickly, yet beautifully. However. Sometimes pre-made clusters have the wrong angle, a leaf in a wrong spot, a bird, a butterfly or a flower that just needs to move. Just a little. This is where Adjustable Clusters come in.

Adjustable Clusters are exactly like normal clusters, except you can move each part. Each individual cluster piece (leaf, bird, flower, mask, frame, etc.) has been left on their individual layer for you to move exactly where it needs to go. Here, let me show you.

I’m going to start with Adjustable Cluster #6 from the Traditional bundle: Sweet Spring Days by TraceyB Creations. I’ve placed it on a background from the collection:

You can see all the pieces, complete with shadow styles, in the Layers palette. I want to add a photo to this lovely cluster, so I’m drawing in a rectangle for my photo. I’m also adding a quick stroke & shadow. My settings:

  •  Stroke
    • 22px
    • Position = Inside
    • Opacity = 100%
  • Drop Shadow
    • Blending Mode = Linear Burn
    • Opacity = 25%
    • Angle = 117
    • Distance = 19px
    • Spread = 16%
    • Size = 16px

Now if I was using a normal cluster, I’d be out of luck. My frame (and therefore photo) would be stuck behind the mask. Luckily this is an adjustable cluster and I can simply drag my frame up to a better spot in the Layers palette.

My frame is now sitting pretty above the mask & leaf layers, as well as several of the flower layers. However, the bucket, the bow & the bird are taking up too much future photo space for me. Again, it’s an Adjustable Cluster so I can easily shrink & move the bucket, the bow and the bird.

This adjustment, on my Adjustable Cluster, almost does the trick but now I need to change the angle of the purple flower, as well as moving the word strip and several of the little lavendar flowers.

Honestly, I think that looks pretty perfect. However I do so love tulips (I am Dutch after all). I decide to duplicate the tulip element & use it an extra time to really make this cluster mine.

To duplicate the tulip element:

  • Click on the Tulip layer; tbc_ssd_flower_17
  • Right-Click and choose Duplicate Layer
    • Click OK on the pop-up box

And that’s it! A couple quick clicks & your Adjustable Cluster works beautifully with a photo & frame.

The Sweet Spring Days Adjustable Cluster pack is only available an an exclusive bonus with the Sweet Spring Days by TraceyB Creations. Sweet Spring Days is our March Anthology Traditional Collection. Be sure to check out the March Anthology Artsy Collection Stay Curious by Jen Maddocks Designs.

The AnthologyFlex monthly collection is available the 1st to 28th of each month (ex. Aug 1st thru 28th). Each exclusive bonus is only available to AnthologyFlex members and will not be sold separately.