I’m going to try something new this week. We’ve got a brandnew Coordinated Collection: Wishing Well that I’ve just got to play with. That I am playing with. And I thought, how about a Scrap-a-Long? Or as we say in quilting… a WIP or Work-in-Progress.

I figure this will allow me to highlight those “quick” little things I do while scrapping a layout, without overwhelming anyone with too much in one long post. So before all my babbling turns this into a long post, let’s dive right in.

To keep my WIP focused & clear, I’ve turned off some of the layers in Bryony’s (Heartstrings Scrap Art) template. I’ve also zoomed in on my photoshop so you can see my work clearly.

I’ve done an almost exact replacement of Bryony’s template elements with Wishing Well elements.

I like my shadows to “match” my layouts most of the time. Bryony went a darker in her template than I’m going to be in my layout. I’m leaning a little more into the natural hues in Wishing Well, with a pop of the bright colors.

  • Click on the fx at the bottom of the Layers Palette
  • The Layer Style box will pop up over your workspace
  • Click on the color next to your Blend Mode
  • The Color Picker (Drop Shadow Color) will pop open over your Layer Style Box

The next part is both really simple & a little bit tricky.

  • Move your mouse off the double pop-ups & hover over your layout itself;
  • The Eyedropper tool will pop up;
  • See the teeny-tiny Eyedropper circled in pink?
  • Click to pick your new Drop Shadow color;
  • I went with a muted green;

Just the Drop Shadow color change gives a much lighter, more natural light to my cluster. This is what I wanted.

I made some minor adjustments to my Drop Shadow settings, and updated all the Drop Shadows to my new lighter muted green shadow. My settings:

  • Ribbons & leaves
    • Blend Mode: Multiply
    • Hex #635a34
    • Opacity = 17
    • Distance = 30
    • Size = 13
  • Flowers
    • Blend Mode: Linear Burn
    • Hex #635a34
    • Opacity = 40
    • Distance = 50
    • Size = 50

I’ll be back tomorrow with a little more scrapping & a little more technique! A huge thank you to today’s contributing Designers. They make my job the best in the world 🧡

wishing well Spring is in full bloom. Not just the flowers, but the trees and grass are once again full & green & extra alive! It puts new hope in my steps, new joy in my heart.
“The most fantastic magical things can happen,
and it all starts with a wish.”

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