If you’ve been reading me, you know. I’m all about the quick tricks tips! Today we are going to use the exact same photo multiple times in a Filmstrip! Simply duplicate, move the photo left/right or up/down and TaDa! A whole new look from the same photo.

You also know I adore templates, especially Bryony’s, Heartstrings Scrap Art. This month (Nov 2023) she has an absolutely phenomenal new template as part of her Anthology: Wander Woman. I mean I’m in looooooooooooove. Because. I am the Wander Woman!

For my example today, I am using the Wander Woman Bonus Template, available only in the Anthology Wander Woman collection.

However. Bryony does have other templates with filmstrips if you’d like to follow along using one of those.

Let’s jump right into the meat of this Quick Tip. I am working in Adobe Photoshop Elements and I’ve already opened my template & added my photo. If you need a review on these steps, please follow along on my first DUO blog & video: Elements: Create your First Page.

Once your photo is added to the template:

  • Move the photo to the right spot in the Layers Panel
  • Use the Move Tool to resize, rotate & adjust the photo
  • Don’t forget to click the Green Checkmark to accept your changes

With your photo adjusted Create Clipping Mask to get it just right in the template.

  • Right Click on the photo layer in the Layers Panel
  • Choose Create Clipping Mask in the flyout menu

To fill your Filmstrip quickly & save time while scrapping. Use the exact same photo multiple times in the Filmstrip! The filmstrip photos are small & you can use one photo multiple times and no one will be the wiser. Just slide the photo right, left or up, down for a completely new look of the same photo.

  • On your photo layer, right-click and choose Duplicate Layer from the flyout menu

Still in the Layers Panel:

  • Click, hold, drag the copy of your photo above the next photo placeholder

Repeat this process a third, or even a fourth (fifth?) time depending on the number of photo’s your filmstrip frame holds.

And that’s it! It takes all of a minute to quickly fill a filmstrip with your photo(s). The best part? The look & feel of your layout will be that much more uniform because of that one photo, used multiple times.

I absolutely love the look of my finished layout. The whole thing took me less than 10 minutes and now this moment in time is documented. Done.

Layout by Toiny, using Wander Woman by Heartstrings Scrap Art. Caption & journaling using font Nightingale.

This Quick Tip is part of a longer video I made scrapping the entire layout. You can see it on our YouTube: