Woot! Woot! It’s another LAD (Layout-a-Day) and we’re in full swing. You are still in time to join us. We’ve got an ahmazing kit to give away as a series of fantabulous daily mini’s.

Speaking of those mini’s, everyone that played got one my very favorite mini’s for playing along on January 9, 2024.  You can still get this mini, free, on a Make-Up Sunday.

This daily mini has two elements by Synanu Design: a notebook and a script element. I can think of oodles of ways to use both but right now I want to show a quick & easy to transform just the script element.

I am a fan of notebooks. I am not a fan of empty notebooks. Just browse on my desk or nightstand and you’ll find several notebooks, all filled with my illegible scribbles. When I’m scrapping I also like to babble, journal, scribble. Sometimes though, I don’t like to share those thoughts with the world.  That’s why I love this script element. This script element can stand in for my personal babble! It makes for a very quick & easy replacement.

I’m assuming you’ve got both the notebook element and the script element open in your workspace. Now drag the script element into your notebook element. For a quick review on how to do this please refer to: Elements: Create your First Page

  • Make sure you are on the script element layer
  • Click + Hold on any of the teeny-tiny boxes to resize
  • Click the green checkmark to finalize & accept your edit

I’m not thrilled with the gold on near-white background. I’d like the text to show up a little bolder. Luckily Photoshop Elements makes this a very quick & easy proposition.

  • Still on the script element layer;
  • Click on the Styles icon on the bottom-right
  • Then click on the teeny-tiny dropdown arrow next to Bevels on the top-right
  • Choose Show All from the dropdown list

Once you are in the Show All menu:

  • Scroll down until you see Marble
  • Click on Marble

Tada! Your script element now has the same look & feel as the gold…but in black & white.

That’s it. It’s that quick. That easy. Play around with the other styles available in Elements to get the look you want.