About Dani Alencar

Hey there. I'm Dani, a Brazilian Illustrator living in Brazil. I create for the ones who love scrapbooking, planning, journaling and self-growth. I believe art can be a great source of self-awareness and celebrating life. I've been creating scrapbooking kits since 2007 after being a traditional scrapper for 4 years. I love paper elements, illustrations and doodles and artsy style scrapbooking. My kits are full of messy paintings, scribbles, painted wordarts and elements all digitally created by me, plus stamps that I am completely crazy about. Besides drawing, journaling and scrapbooking, I love watching movies and series with my family, singing and learning about self-growth. In real-life I live with my husband, our 17-year-old daughter and a dog.
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