Hi Elly here,

Today I will show you how to use and shadow a washi tape.

If you played along every day in our LAD: Layout-a-Day Winter Whites, you have 2 tapes now, 1 came with the mini from January 8 and the other with the mini from January 20. You can use any tape to follow this Quick Tip.

  • Place the tape on your document.
  • I used Toiny’s swd-winter-whites-tape02

  • If you want the tape more translucent, lower the opacity

  • Now give the tape a drop shadow.
    Click at the bottom of the Layers panel on the fx button

  • Choose Drop Shadow

  • These are my settings, you can adjust the color to your layout
    Blend Mode: Linear Burn
    Color: # 4e606e
    Opacity: 35%
    Angle: 135°
    Distance: 6 px
    Size: 21 px

  • Put the shadow on a separate layer:
    Right click on the fx button at the right of the tape layer and choose Create Layer

  • Now you have new layer below the tape layer
    Because the tape is partly translucent we are going to remove the shadow behind the tape
  • Make sure the Shadow layer of the tape layer is active.
    Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail of the tape layer. You see the walking ants around the tape
    Click on the Delete button

  • Deselect: Ctrl + D or Menu Select/Deselect

  • Only the shadow of the tape has left, the tape is clear.

That’s all for the shadowed translucent washi tape.

My finished layout, which I created with Winter Whites mini’s from the previous days

I made a washi tape freebie which is perfect for those of you with incompatible software to follow the Quick Tip, or those of just short on time today.


Happy creating!