Oh. My! It’s hot as hades here. Normally we are in the high teens/low twenties  (60’s) but these last two days it’s been well over 30°C (low 90’s F). We don’t have air conditioning & I’m very heat adverse. It’s taken me two days, not one like I promised, to finish today’s post. Seriously, I practically melted from the heat!

If this is your first day, head on over to the first day of my new series WIP or Work in Progress; WIP: Wishing Well Day I. I’m scrapping one layout, slowly. I’m showing step-by-step what I’m doing in a series of easy to follow blog posts. For this first attempt at a WIP, I’m working with the teams outstanding new Coordinated Collection: Wishing Well.

Yesterday I replaced all the papers in Bryony’s Wishing Well {Faerie Folk} Templates by Heartstrings Scrap Art:

I mentioned I’m hot. Very hot. This means I’m all about the quick & easy today. Luckily my team has my back! Today we have a double freebie friday and one of the freebies is a fabulous cluster set created with…. Wishing Well! Before I can add my new free, worksaver cluster, I need to delete alllllllll the things it’s going to replace. Sorry Bryony! I’m taking the easy road today.

  • Select all the elements you will be replacing
  • Delete

A quick shout-out to Bryony, her templates rock! All the work she puts in, all the elements she adds, they really do help guide me to create a fantabulous layout. I just needed a short cut today.

Take a peek at my current layout/template. It looks so empty with all those elements deleted:

I’m now dragging in the wonderful cluster that’s part of the free Wishing Well [Clusters] by Sekada Designs.

  • Download & unzip the free clusters
  • Open the folder
  • Click & drag your cluster element onto your layout

Marzena’s, Sekada Designs, cluster is a little too large for the space I want to place it. It’s also a little bit the wrong shape. No worries! I’ve got a fix. First I need to shrink & move it.

  • Use the Move Tool and click on the element, drag the corners to resize
  • Move to the “right” spot (for you)

The cluster is just perfect! But. The 2nd photo frame is a little hidden. I could just delete it, that’s a valid choice, but instead I’m going to drag it up & give it a little twist.

  • Click & select all three photo frame Layers:
    • Photo
    • Frame
    • Frame’s Shadow
  • Drag all three layers above the new Cluster Layer
  • With all three layers still select, use the Move Tool to give it a little twist

We are almost done! I’m loving how this layout is turning out. And I’m really, really happy with the cluster from Marzena today. It made my job a little easier. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, back down into the 60’s, stay tuned!

wishing well Spring is in full bloom. Not just the flowers, but the trees and grass are once again full & green & extra alive! It puts new hope in my steps, new joy in my heart.
“The most fantastic magical things can happen,
and it all starts with a wish.”

The Wishing Well Clusters are free, all other products are on sale for only $1.00 through May 29, 2022. You can build your collection as big, or as small as you’d like. With each piece only $1.00, you can try a new-to-you Designer or a new-to-you style. The choice is up to you!