Eeep! Some weeks are rougher than others. I owe everyone some catch-up posts & that’s next on my list. For now, those of you who are loyal Newsletter readers know that I’m newly diagnosed with MALs & May Thurner Syndrome. I’ve come a long way, in a short time, in learning to live with my new disorder. However. Some days are harder than others. This past week I went swimming, and that sent me in a downward spiral. There’s a lot I can do laying on my back, but blog post tutorials are proving to be difficult. My sincere apologies for the delay.

Now, without any further ado, more scrapping!  If this is your first day, head on over to the first day of my new series WIP or Work in Progress; WIP: Wishing Well Day I. I’m scrapping one layout, slowly. I’m showing step-by-step what I’m doing in a series of easy to follow blog posts. For this first attempt at a WIP, I’m working with the teams outstanding new Coordinated Collection: Wishing Well.

A quick visual of where we left off, though I did add in the photo’s of Tess. As my kids get older, it gets harder to get them to pose. Luckily she was pretty excited to spend a weekend in Norway and happily posed under some cherry trees for me.

To be honest, I love the word art Bryony created for the template. I just don’t think it goes with Tess’ edgy look. Luckily Wishing Well is filled with fabulous Word Art packs, though, I am using a Word Art from Bryony’s Wishing Well {Faerie Folk} Arty by Heartstrings Scrap Art. Word Art can be found in lots of packs, including element packs, arty packs, etc.

  • Drag in your new Word Art
    • recolor or style as desired;
    • I left mine plain
  • Turn off the placeholder Title

Bryony almost always has a butterfly element in her templates. Sometimes I skip them. Sometimes I replace them with other “flying” things like birds, insects or even hot air balloons. This time there were so many amazing butterflies scattered throughout Wishing Well, I just had to use a butterfly. The problem was choosing just one.

Remember how I changed the shadows on WIP: Wishing Well Day I? Remember to do it here too. I really like how Bryony sets her shadow styles for butterflies. The only thing I’m going to change is the color of the shadow itself, to make it lighter like the other shadows in my layout.

  • Click on Drop Shadow in fx at the bottom of your Layers Palette
  • Change the Color in Blend Mode
  • Hex #635a34
  • Click Ok

After you’ve updated the shadow, duplicate the butterfly & move it down to replace the other butterfly element in the template. Or actually, since there are so many awesome butterflies in this collection, replace the 2nd butterfly element with a different butterfly. The choice is yours!

  • Right-click and choose Duplicate Layer
  • Use the Move Tool to drag your Butterfly copy


I have the final, finishing, touches to share tomorrow.. and then that’s all she wrote. Just in time for the end of the fabulous $1.00/pack introductory sale. Phew! I’m really bringing it in under the wire.

wishing well Spring is in full bloom. Not just the flowers, but the trees and grass are once again full & green & extra alive! It puts new hope in my steps, new joy in my heart.
“The most fantastic magical things can happen,
and it all starts with a wish.”

Wishing Well is on sale for only $1.00 through May 29, 2022. You can build your collection as big, or as small as you’d like. With each piece only $1.00, you can try a new-to-you Designer or a new-to-you style. The choice is up to you!