I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with our Wishing Well. I have a million more ideas for layouts playing through my mind. I have a million more elements I want to add. For today, with this layout, I’m done. And I have a little treat for all of you, as a little thank you for hanging in there with me.

If this is your first day, head on over to the first day of my new series WIP or Work in Progress; WIP: Wishing Well Day I. I’m scrapping one layout, slowly. I’m showing step-by-step what I’m doing in a series of easy to follow blog posts. You can see the entire series here.

Yesterday I stopped at the butterflies. Today I’m picking right back up with the lace. Except. I’m not a lace girl. Luckily there’s all sorts of things I can replace lace with in a template including; papers, stitches, ribbons, ephemera & ricrac!

I picked the ricrac not just because I like to say it (ricrac, ricrac, ricrac), but because I love how the pop of yellow enhances my beautiful butterflies.

  • Drag in the lace (replacement)
  • I’m using the ricrac found in Wishing Well Elements by Carin Grobe Design
  • Update the shadow style to match “your” shadow style
    • Click on Drop Shadow in fx at the bottom of your Layers Palette
    • Change the Color in Blend Mode
    • Hex #635a34
    • Click Ok

Since Bryony has her lace element twice, the easiest thing to do is duplicate & move the ricrac element. However. Since some laces & ricracs have different edges, it’s a good idea to flip the element. Just in case.

  • Duplicate the Lace/Ricrac Layer
  • Click Edit–>Transform–>Flip Horizontal
  • Move using the Move Tool

Another element Bryony almost always has in her templates, are word strips.  I love these when I’m in the mood for quick journaling. I especially love making my own (and you can too with my Quick Tip: Word Strip). But, this week I’m in a hurry & Bryony has some wonderful word strips in her Wishing Well {Faerie Folk} Elements by Heartstrings Scrap Art. I’m also using one from Wishing Well {Elements} by Jen Maddocks Designs. This is the wonderful thing about coordinated collections. You can so easily mix & match between Designers!

  • Drag in the new word strips
  • Replace Shadows with “your” shadow styles

I still had two template flowers left to replace. Rather than drag, drop & re-shadow, I simply duplicate two of my “cluster” flowers from WIP: Wishing Well Day I and moved them into place.

  • Duplicate the two flowers
  • Move using the Move Tool
  • Drag up in the Layer Palette to position above the photo

I’m almost done & now is a great time to add in some of the unique & fun elements to spice up your layout. I’ve been eyeing the fairy charms (Wishing Well Elements by Carin Grobe Design) this entire time. I can finally add one in!

  • Drag in the fairy charm
  • Resize as needed, by dragging the “corner”
  • Shadow using “your” shadow style

That could be it. But. There’s just a little more I want to add. Dani, The Urban Fairy, has an adorable gnome (Wishing Well { Elements } by The Urban Fairy)I just have to tuck in beneath my cluster. And, I love color! So I’m adding in Carins’ rainbow as well & blending it into my background paper.

  • Drag in the gnome
    • It needs no shadow as a hand-drawn element
  • Drag in the rainbow
    • Set Blend Mode to Soft Light

That’s it. I’m done! I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed scrapping along with my first WIP: Work in Progess. You can also use my free quickpage. Simply click to download & enjoy.

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wishing well Spring is in full bloom. Not just the flowers, but the trees and grass are once again full & green & extra alive! It puts new hope in my steps, new joy in my heart.
“The most fantastic magical things can happen,
and it all starts with a wish.”

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