Please welcome to the Studio: our new designer Jen from J. Conlon and Sons

Join us  and get to know her a bit better in her own words and photos:

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up in the northeastern part of the US, in Connecticut, along the shoreline. I never moved too far from home, I like familiarity and being close to my family and longtime friends. I have two young teenage boys and I’m really enjoying watching them grow into young adults.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from, for your designs?

All different places! That’s part of the fun of being an artist. But if I’m having a designer’s block, I try to think of a memory that I’d like to document and then I’ll create a kit or template that will showcase that story. Once I have a general theme, I’ll start to build a color pallete and a list of words and phrases to really define the design direction.

3. How did you find designing?

I have a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Graphic Design, so I’ve been designing for a long, long time. But most of that work was for the agencies that employed me. When my son was born in 2009, I started to look online for inspiration for a baby book. I figured, ‘hey I’m a designer, I can do it myself’. And I was amazed at what I discovered! I knew about scrapbooking, but I had no idea people were taking that same inspiration and creating digital versions.

I was so blown away by all the things that designers were giving away for free that I started a blog just to showcase them all in one place. I ran Quality Digiscrap Freebies for many years. I was so engrossed in building up that website and in scrapbooking my own stories that I didn’t even consider creating my own designs until just a few years ago.

4. What is your favorite thing to design?

I think I most enjoy creating a color palette. A close second favorite would be choosing patterns and color ways to make a cohesive paper collection.

5. What is your least favorite?

This one is tough…it could be anything in the moment. If I am uncomfortable starting on a new portion of a collection, I know that if I just start, I’ll get into the flow eventually.

6. What do you like to do besides designing?

I am the queen of starting a new project. I love learning a new craft. My children have greatly benefitted from my excessive art supply stash! Recently I’ve been doing watercolor and basic line drawing. And I have a stack of old books and magazines to cut apart for collage.

7. What’s your favorite color?

I honestly don’t have one. I find some tones or shades more pleasing than others, but I think each color has a place. I like the juxtaposition of colors…the calmness or excitement that happens when you put different colors next to each other. In fact, I really don’t like monochromatic scrapbooking kits. If you ever see one from me, know that I was way out of my comfort zone!

8. Is there any place on earth that is at the top of your wish list to see?

Honestly, not really. I do enjoy traveling and I tend to like cities better than resorts. But I’m very content in my familiar places (look back at my first answer) just doing my thing.

9. Why did you choose to be part of the Studio family?

The talented designers, to start. I am honored to be included amongst them. I like how the store is run by the kind, helpful, supportive staff that just want each of us to succeed. And of course, the dedicated customers! Everyone has been so welcoming.

10. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I have two things on my goals list: Designing more of my own patterns and teaching an online scrapbooking class. And now that it is “in print”, I guess I have to do something about that.


Jen has already added a lot of her beautiful designs to the store, including her collection Celebrate today