Hi all, Silke here.

Stamps &Transfers are great options to make your clusters and even your layouts richer and more interesting. They draw the viewer’s eye to the beauty of your page.

Here is a little trick to add more interest to your Transfers, combining these with Masks:

Look for a beautiful mask and some transfers.
I used my Vine Masks and Open Doors Transfers
My Open Doors Transfers are free with the Coupon Code: pumpkin-palooza-2021

Start here:
Open a new Photoshop document, white background. Add two or three Transfers (or Stamps) to each layer and group these layers together.

Now position the Mask above your group, not inside.

HIDE this mask layer because we will use the mask only as reference for SELECTION.
Then point the mouse to this mask layer thumbnail, hold down the CTRL (or Command on MAC) and click on the thumbnail of the mask. Now you have a selected area.
In other words, to get the marching ants, you ctrl/cmd click on the thumbnail of the mask.

Click on the Group Layer and on the little layer mask icon on the bottom of the layer palette. See my image below here for reference.
This will create a layer mask for all items in this group!

Add background paper, frames, flowers, greenery and your picture to finish your layout. Save your work!
As an example,  just for fun, I added a photo in between of the transfer layers. I made a round selection on the picture layer and created the layer mask, like I did before with the mask. I also added a white stroke as layer effect to this picture layer.

Credits: Photo from Pexels.
Vine Masks by PapierStudio Silke

Open Doors Transfers by PapierStudio Silke – Free until October 30th (2021) with Coupon Code: pumpkin-palooza-2021

Happy Scrapping!