Hi all, Silke here.

Masks are a fantastic way to add your photos to your layouts. But there are times when your photo doesn’t fit well inside your mask. Here’s a quick trick to fix that.

Open your mask. In a layer above add a second mask. Then select both layers and using the right mouse click, group these layers together.

Go to the Picture layer and clip it down to the group. (right mouse click – add clipping mask).

Go back to the mask layers and move these until it best fits to your picture. Play around with different masks and also add a third one!!
For this tutorial I used (my) PapierStudio Silke Grunge Masks. This CU & PU pack is 50% off!
Picture is from Pexels.

You can get free masks from our Mask Challenges in the Studio Freebies area. Come and play with us!

Happy scrapping!