Introducing our Featured Designer: Silke from PapierStudio Silke . Silke has been a Designer at the Studio for three years, but I have admired her talents for many years. In fact, her Action Make it White is the first Photoshop Action I ever owned. Oh how I love to turn things white! Such a great contrast with so many colors. I’m also a huge fan of her Action Soft Art 16 – Acanthus Ornate, so much so that I made a little Demo Video on using this amazing action.

Join me & get to know Silke a little better in her own words. In her own photo’s.

About Silke
I was born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Since I got married I moved to São Paulo. I have been married to Egon for 42 years and we have a son Thomas and our dear daughter-in-law Karin.
When the pandemic started, we left the big city São Paulo (Brazil) and took refuge in our cottage in the mountains of Monte Verde – Minas Gerais.
Here we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lot of nature.

Where she met her Husband
I met my husband in a rainforest region where we used to spend our vacations. Since then we are childhood friends and even today we are eternal friends and companions. He helps me and supports all my involvement with digital scrapbooking

What inspires her
Photography is my hobby, painting is my therapy and the nature is my inspiration! I usually take walks in total silence to hear the noises of nature to admire the colors, the texture of the trunks, plants and leaves. This inspires me a lot. And watching the birds and their songs.

Olive Plantation
Near our mountainous region my son Thomas together with Karin bought a large area high up called Sítio São Mateus, at 1400m altitude, to make an olive plantation. Egon (my D.H.) is in charge of the administration. It’s a totally new activity for us, but very interesting and enjoyable! And the place looks beautiful. In November, at the beginning of the rainy season, we are going to plant the first seedlings. 500 olive seedlings to start.

Hybrid Projects and Art
I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a child. And I studied Art Education. I was supposed to be an art teacher, but life took me to work in a bank (bank agency manager). Today I am retired and I teach digital art. Digital painting and other activities for elderly people. But the pandemic surprised us and at the moment I’m dedicated to scrapbooking and I am also involved in hybrid projects such as diaries and calendars. I do it for a large group of relatives and friends. See below images from my hybrid project –using my mini kit Wine Train.

Design preferences
Creating papers with artistic effects is my favorite part of the design. My paper actions are proof of that.
I also love pattern design! The most difficult part of a collection for me are the elements, because this is the most laborious and time-consuming part. I would like to have more time to paint every element for my collections. My husband says I’m too much of a perfectionist. When he thinks it’s beautiful and ready, I always think I should modify or add something!

All Kits and Collections must have
All my kits and collections have an artistic part of me… some painting, an art doll, or a collection of super artistic papers. Currently they also need to have foliage, natural flowers and painted accents. I do a checking list so I don’t miss out on what I think is important. Often the creation of a kit starts with a Layout. This is for me the best method to feel the atmosphere of the kit I am going to make!

Positive thinking is Important
In July/ August 2019 I had 2 strokes. It was a difficult phase of my life and I had to reduce my activities to regain my health. That’s when I dedicated hours and hours to digital painting and painted the head of a cheetah. For me, this painting is the symbol of overcoming and victory. It’s not easy to overcome fear and believe that tomorrow it won’t happen again.
(see Cheetah painting)

The Studio
September 2018, I started as a permanent designer at The Studio. This was the best thing that ever happened to me as a digital scrapbooking designer. The team is fabulous and I felt very welcomed by everyone. The receptivity of the customers and their interactivity in the forum and blog gives me the motivation and pleasure for my creations.

Greek Dream
Traveling to Greece is my life’s dream. I’m attracted by the art of that architecture, the colors of the water contrasting with the colors of the flowers and nature and also by the people who are always smiling and happy! I’ve never been there, but whenever I blow out a candle and I’m told to make a secret wish… (don’t tell anyone) I wish that one day I could see Greece.

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