Being a new Omi (Gramma), I’m obviously drawn to the soft, light, baby-type collections in our Studio. Imagine my delight when I spotted Dani’s, Just Because Studio, new collection My Sweet Child. It’s got both girl & boy colors, perfect for me natch, and it’s soft, pastel-y with a POP of contrast.

I’m all about the POP people! It’s incredibly hard for me to scrap with only soft pastel-like colors. I prefer vibrant! Color! Neon even. Pastel only pages can easily look washed out, colorless, bland. Luckily there are many ways to avoid a boring page and one of my personal favorite ways is to add a POP of contrast. A POP of vibrant color.

Dani has made it very easy to do this in her new collection by including darker shades, darker hues, of the same colors that dominate the collection. By adding just a couple of the darker elements, your layout will POP.  Keep your layout light and use the darker elements sparingly, this limited contrast will add interest, flow and focus to your page.

Her team has done a lovely job demonstrating the power of the POP:

My Sweet Child is on sale through September 11, 2023. Save extra with the Mega Bundle or treat yourself to just a pack or two: