Heartstrings Scrap Art

Featured Collection: When You’re Slightly Strange by Heartstrings Scrap Art

When You're Slightly Strange Collection celebrates that little bit of weirdness in all of us that makes the world an amazing place. Full of awesome steampunk vibes and rich colours, it makes for a magical scrapping experience. Have fun and remember... 'There are always some lunatics about. It would be a dull world without them.' Sherlock Holmes

Beauty Through Adversity by Jen Maddocks Designs & Heartstrings Scrap Art

Beauty through adversity by Jen Maddocks Designs and Heartstrings Scrap Art is a collection designed to celebrate the beauty in life that comes from hardship and, that in spite of the difficulties that we face, we can still find joy in the most unlikely places… A cactus that flowers in the desert. A precious moment spent with loved ones. Time spent alone outdoors. And the beauty that comes in loving ourselves, in spite of our imperfections. 

Joy comes in the morning by Featured Designer Heartstrings Scrap Art

This collection, Joy Comes in the Morning by Heartstrings Scrap Art is all about embracing life and celebrating the happiness that comes with a new day – taking stock of the little things and the precious moments in our lives, as well as acknowledging the battles that overcome. Not every day is an easy day, but sometimes we need a little reminding that things will get better and that 'the greater the storm, the brighter your rainbow'. Let your light shine.

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