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My Oma. My Hero.

By |2011-05-11T09:10:55-04:0011 May 2011|Family|

During our brief trip to Holland, to the magical Efteling, we also visited my Oma.  Of course being near her neck-of-the-woods was a huge deciding factor in our decision to go West.  I debated about sharing my bittersweet moments with [...]

This Woman’s Work by Angel Hartline Designs

By |2017-05-23T12:51:05-04:0023 May 2017|Designers, Freebies, New Products, Products|

Angle Hartline Designs has a new kit in the store, and this is what she said about it, "This is a deeply personal collection created for my own art journaling style pages with a focus on self-reflection. Self-doubt. Love. Loss. Faith. Hope. The day to day struggle for strength.

A Woman Like You By Valentina’s Creations

By |2017-05-08T19:01:14-04:009 May 2017|Designers, Freebies, New Products, Products, Sales & Promotions|

"A woman like you" by Valentina's Creations, is a very mixed and artistry collection that is a "mother-day-oriented" collection. It's not the typical dreamy collection, but it's a different approach, a little bit more artistry, closer to journal art, but with a subtle vintage taste.

How to Fix Chromatic Aberration

By |2020-08-14T07:37:56-04:009 December 2016|Designer Tools & Tips, Elements (PSE), Freebies, Photoshop CS+, Tutorials|

What is Chromatic Aberration?  David Peterson defines it as "a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected."  There is a technical explanation for this, based on "different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation" which are "refracted through slightly different angles."  But the [...]

My Sugar Hound

By |2014-12-02T06:51:35-05:0019 November 2014|Dane, Kids, Personal Notes|

Phew! I'm all hot & bothered. I'm going 5 million miles an hour today, and yesterday, but I'm Git 'r done! Big time. Yesterday I took an hour without computer, just me & my phone, and scheduled all those appointments [...]

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